British Values

British values at Queens Park

In line with DFE guidance that schools should: - “Promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”

We at Queens Park believe that we fulfil this through our holistic approval whenever possible. The school promotes SMSC development across the entire school curriculum and all aspects of school life. Our children have the opportunity to practice the skills and attitudes required for them to participate fully in a democratic society.

SMSC is incorporated through:

  • Teaching on human rights and bullying

  • Partnerships with a school in Chong Qing, China

  • Debating topics e.g. such as illegally downloading music

  • Reporting topics in the news that celebrate diversity

  • Meeting and working with charity representatives that work in the local community e.g. ACE – Supporting Children in Rowanda

  • School Council. Elections are held at the start of the year when pupils share their manifesto. Following a vote each class elects two representatives. Council meets regularly to table any issues or ideas. 

  • The school is represented at the town ‘Democracy Day’ by two representatives who work on town issues and bring action points back to the school community.

  • E Safety which is taught in different year groups.

  • Pupil questionnaires

  • Visits from authorities such as the police, fire services or lifeguards, reinforce the importance of law.

  • Visits from MP’s and local councillors reinforce the democracy message.

  • School has a balanced approach to R.E. through our designated LEA programme approved by the Liverpool Diocese. Lessons reinforce the message of tolerance and respect for others. School actively promotes diversity through celebrations of different faiths and cultures, and school reinforces this with relevant books and artifacts.

  • The school ethos, behaviour policy and classroom and learning rules revolve around respect as a core value, and discussions and assemblies focus on what respect means and how it is shown.

  • School has a transparent and accountable recruitment policy.

  • School is always vigilant in preventing children being exposed to extremist views, especially by visitors to school.  

  • Staff are always present when visitors work or speak with children.

  • There is equal curriculum access for all and in particular no unnecessary segregation by gender or disability. Queens Park feels that it embodies democracy in the way it works and within the ethos and culture of our school, within a framework of rules and regulations which are there for the benefit of everyone.

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