Remote Learning

If your child has been asked to self-isolate, we will be using this page to communicate with both Parents and Pupils.

Please ensure that you have downloaded Microsoft Teams on whichever device you are using.  

What will happen

From the second day of isolation at the latest, we will be delivering at least three live lessons per year group.  This will be a mixture of teaching and instruction and also giving children tasks to complete. 

Each TEAMs lesson will appear in your child's calendar for them to access. 

To maintain as much normality as possible during the period of closure, we would recommend the following structure for your day:.

TEAM Lessons:

Please be aware that the following apply to live lessons:

The role of parents:

• To wave at the camera at the beginning of each live session to provide consent for their child attending the live session.

• To support the school values as set out in the e safety and anti-bullying policies on the website.

• To foster an open pathway of communication between the school and home where appropriate.

• To encourage children to participate in video learning lessons via TEAMs and show respect through their comments and behaviours remotely.

• To be made aware that all video lessons are recorded by the teacher and stored on an internal storage device.

The expectations from pupils:

  • To participate in online learning and activities as published by their teachers
  • To ensure everyone feels valued, respected and included, children, staff and parents.
  • To promote respect in relation to the rights of others
  • To contribute their views through Microsoft TEAMs when required.
  • To offer peer support and guidance through shared learning.
  • To show respect to any teaching staff who conferences through to them via TEAMs video link and be made fully aware that all videos are recorded and kept.
  • Pupils can post chat on their class wall, but this is overseen by the teacher and other members of staff assigned to that class and if required, pupils can be muted by the teacher, restricting the ability to post further comments. Previous posts can be deleted retrospectively.
  • If an email is sent from a child to a member of staff a letter will be sent out to their parents requiring parental awareness/supervision when children are using teams and if an email is sent to a teacher, they will not reply under any circumstances. 

Children on a modified curriculum 

If your child receives a modified curriculum in school, they will access a different provision when learning from home.  This is to ensure we meet their individual needs.  They will have a separate timetable and could possibly be with a different teacher.  This will all be communicated with you should your child need to isolate with their class. 

Please note, if you are late for the lessons, you can still join.  The teacher will be delivering the input for approximately the first 20 minutes of the lesson and also taking feedback after the lesson. 

 All lessons will be recorded for safeguarding reasons.  These will be viewed by both year group teachers after the lesson.  

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