Children's University

Children's University is run by the Children's University (CU) Trust. It operates through more than 80 local centres.  Queen’s Park C.E/URC Primary School are one of the few schools in St Helens that work with Knowsley to reward the children for their participation in learning outside normal school hours.  

Children's University learning

Activities must take place outside the normal school day and are always voluntary. Activities can include clubs which run before school, during lunchtime or after school.  All activities are validated/checked by local Children's University representatives for the quality of learning they provide. 

Recognising and rewarding participation

Every time a child attends an after school club, their hours are collected and totalled up.  They will receive one credit for one hours extra learning.  

Bronze = 30 hours 

Silver = 65 hours 

Gold = 100 hours

The certificated are presented at a graduation ceremony at one of the local universities. 

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