Committee Structure

There are 3 sub committee of Governors that meet termly:

Resources Chaired by Deirde Wilde 

This committee covers finance, premises, health and safety and pay. 

Standards and Safeguarding Chaired by Steven Howarth

This committee covers Quality of Education,  Safeguarding, Personal Development and Behaviour and Welfare 

Ethos and Distinctiveness Chaired by Rev Helen Coffey

This committee covers Personal Development, SMSC, Christian Vision and Values

Committee Memebership

Resources  Standards and Safeguarding  Ethos and Distinctiveness 

1.          Justine Kellett

2.          Dee Wilde (Chair)

3.          Roy Quinn (Vice Chair)

4.          Margaret Horabin

5.          Ann Roby  

6.          Rev Cath Atkinson

1.          Justine Kellett

2.          Roy Quinn

3.          Steven Howarth (Chair)

4.          Sam Forbes

5.          Lindsay Nelson  (Vice Chair)

6.          Karen Devine

7.          Georgie Trainer

8.          Linzi Tabern

9.          Kate Sawyer

10.       Rebecca McDowell

1. Justine Kellett

2. Rev Helen Coffey (Chair)

3. Margaret Horabin

4. Ann Roby

5. Rev Cath Atkinson (Vice Chair)


NB – all governors are invited to attend these meetings 

Other committees that meet as and when required are as follows;

Complaints, Pupil discipline,Salary appeals, Discipline, Grievance, Discipline and Grievance appeals, Head teacher performance review, .

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