The Invisible String: Wellbeing in our Recovery Curriculum

The Invisible String 

As part of our Recovery Curriculum, which we have implemented following a period of school closure due to COVID 19, we have studied a whole school text called “The Invisible String”. Every class in school explored this book during the first week back in September and the children have produced some amazing writing based on the story.

The Invisible String By Patrice Karst | Children's Book Read Aloud - YouTube

We started our piece of work on “The Invisible String” in July before the children even came back to school. Every child in school, all our link churches and all our governors received a ‘message on a string’ showing them how even though we couldn’t see them – we were all still connected by love in our school community.

Visit our school and we will take you on a journey of 'The Invisible String'...

As you enter our school, you start your journey on the ‘Invisible String’, which will carry you on a string of love throughout school. Every class has displayed their fabulous work on display outside their classroom for you to see!

Have a look below at some of the writing that our children have produced; you will be amazed!

We would happily tell you all about it...

If you visited our school, our children would be more than happy to tell you all about ‘The Invisible String’. Have a look below at some of the fabulous things that have been telling us in school!

“The string connects you all over the world and can reach really far. It is made of love you know.” (Year 2 child)

“You will never snap the string because it is stronger than God because it is made of love and that is stronger than anything.” (Year 2 child)

“When my Grandpa was in hospital last year it would have connected with him because the string is made of God and he never lets you down.” (Year 2 child)

“The mum tells them a story about the Invisible String. It connects to everyone you love. It connects to Uncle Brian in heaven. Even if you die, you still love them so the string is still attached to them.” (Year 4 child)

“I think it does exist because it has connected me to family, friends and school. Even when we aren’t in school in connects us which is good because I love being in school.” (Year 4 child)

“You can never break an Invisible String because love is more powerful than anything else.” (Year 4 child)

“It is a bond that keeps you connected with people that you haven’t been able to see during COVID. It is a connection that shows you are always with each other. I think it does exist. I’m at school now and I know that Mum is at home thinking about me.” (Year 6 child)

“I think doing our work on this book has made everyone in class feel good knowing that they are still connected to their family whilst in school after being with them all the time in lockdown. Even though we are going through a sad time, the invisible string has really helped us to see the good.” (Year 6 child)

We have even been talking about it at home...

It has also been lovely to see all of your tweets about how you have continued your learning on ‘The Invisible String’ at home.

We can tell you about it in other countries too...

We didn't want to stop at just looking at how the invisible string could help us...we looked at how it helps people around the world too! On EDL each class had a country and connected with one of our friends in that country to find out how they supported each other during COVID 19. Have a look at our tweets below to see which countries we learnt about!


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