Reading for Pleasure

Our Brains Privilege Story - Mary Myatt 

At Queen's Park, we recognise that chidlren who read well and often, achieve well at school and beyond.  it is our belief that every child should be able to read for pleasure and to a high standard.  Reading opens up a world of possibilites alongside developing language and vocabulary. 

We employ a range of strategies to enable the children to decode but we employ different strategies to encourage a love of reading.  Reading is the beating heart of our curriculum.  It is built upon quality texts that challenge and inspire our children.  

Strategies to support reading for pleasure 

Reading Aloud 

Reading aloud is one of the most important thngs our staff do and is a frequent and regular part of each school day. Reading aloud enables children to experience and enjoy stories they might not otherwise meet.  At Queen's Park, we make it a priority and ensure everyone understands the importance of it. Reading aloud is a non-negotiable and has a dedicated slot in our timetable.  By reading well-chosen books aloud, teachers, teaching assistants and mid-day supervisors help classes to become communities of readers - ensuring that they can share in experiences of a wide repertorie of books they enjoy.   This links to the committment we have to deepen and broaden the children's vocabulary. 

Dedicated Reading Areas 

There is a reading area and library in each classroom that is accessible. The area is calm and inviting with a selection of books from a variety of genres and covering a range of potential areas of interest.  There are also front facing shelves in each classroom.  On these shelves are quality texts that are linked to different areas of the curriculum.  We also have a well stocked library that the children visit regularly on a timetable. 

Inspiring Reading 

Books are displayed attractively in classrooms and the library.  Reading is the beating heart of our curriculum and quality texts underpin the curriculum to inspire our children.  We are committed to developing our children as readers across the curriculum therefore developing their disciplinary literacy. 

To inspire children to read we also: 

  • Invest heavily in reading resources that children will want to read and re-read. 
  • Have members of staff who are excellent reading role models.  They lead by example, creating an environment that promotes reading as a socially engaging activity that is highly valued. 
  • Promote books that we think the children might enjoy or that staff are currently excited by
  • Welcome reading volunteers to provide children with more opportunities to share a book with an adult.
  • Encourage parents and carers to spend time reading with their child. 

Celebrating Reading 

We celebrate literature by organising events such as author visits.   We work closely every year with Paul Delaney.  Paul is a published author and poet and is a regular visitor to Queen's Park.

Paul Delaney.jpg

Poetry festival.jfif Paul Delaney Y1.jfif

We dedicate an entire week in March to Book Week.  This week is usually based around a theme to completely immerse our children in a particular theme or book.  We always involve parents in this celebration.  

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