Staff at Queen's Park

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. J. Kellett            Head Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Miss A.Hughes          Deputy Head Teacher, UKS2 Phase Leader, English Lead and Curriculum Lead (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss J. Bailey            Acting Deputy Head & Inclusion Manager (SENCo, Pupil Premium and  Designated Teacher for LAC) (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) Maths Lead 

Mrs J Campbell         Business Manager 

Mrs M Leadbetter      Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead (Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Middle Leadership Team

Mr S. Warner          LKS2 Phase Leader, Computing Lead, ITT Lead and Year 3 Teacher 

Mrs A. Clarke          KS1 and Early Reading Lead Y2 Teacher 

Mr M. Weatherby    EYFS Lead, SMSC Lead,  EYFS Teacher 

Miss L. Burke          UPKS2 Phase Leader Design Technology Lead, Year 6 Teacher      

Q Band

QR - Mr M. Weatherby (SMSC Lead)

Mrs K Paton     Mrs L Cafferty Mrs L Costello 

Q1 – Miss L. Smith  (ECT)  

Miss S Bender  Mrs L Walton

Q2 – Mrs A. Clarke (KS1 and Early Reading Lead)

Mrs J. Ellison  Mrs G. Trainer 

Q3 – Mr S Warner (LKS2 Phase Leader and Computing Lead)

Miss K Thomas Mrs B. Wilmott 

Q4 – Mrs A. Atherton (Maths Lead)

Miss K. Latham Mrs A Garrity Mrs J Haughey (0.5)

Q5 – Miss A Knockton (PHSE Lead)

Miss T Bates 

Q6 – Miss A Lunt (History Lead)

 Mrs J. Cook Mr C Brown     

P Band

PR – Miss C. Fryer (ECT) 

Miss J Lockett  Miss C Ashcroft 

P1 – Mrs H Potter  (Geography and Volunteer Lead) 

Mrs E Innes  Miss S. Hart Mr J Topping 

P2 – Mrs S. Leyland (PE Lead) 

Mrs O. Duffy

P3 – Mr N Houltram (Music Lead) 

Mrs C. Stilwell  Mrs J. Haughtey (0.5)

P4 – Mr R. Higginson (ECT)

Mrs E. Thelwell 

P5 – Miss N Ellis (Science Lead) 

Mrs J. Harrison   Mrs M. Harrison  Mrs A. McDermott 

P6 – Miss L. Burke (UPKS2 Phase Leader DT Lead)

Miss A. Monsvoll  Miss A Costello 

GEMS - Y1 -  - Mrs J. Roberts (EVC Lead)

GEMS -Y3 - Mrs C. Taylor (MFL Lead) 

GEMS - Y5 - Miss I. Jones (Art Lead) 

GEMS - Y6 - Mrs S. Forbes (RE and Worship Lead)

Specialist Teachers 

MFL Teacher - Mrs C Taylor (MFL Lead) 

Dance Teacher -Mrs E. Jones

Music Teachers - Mr I McIntrye and Miss Lewis 

Sports Coach - Mr S McCluskey

Mandarin Teacher (Y6) - Miss  Bo Yang

Academic Mentor 

Miss S. Atherton 

Pastoral Support: 

Mrs M Hughes 

Office Staff:

Mrs J Campbell (School's Business Manager)

Mrs G Ryan (Office Adminstrator)

Mrs C Jaigirdar (Receptionist)

Lunchtime Welfare Staff:

Miss A Fishwick

Ms A Watts

Ms G Ratcliffe

Ms T Hilton

Ms G Atherton

Ms L Ellis (First Aid) 

Miss. S. Nugent 

Miss A.Formby 

Ms J. Edgerton




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