Personal Development

Through our vision, we serve our community by providing an inclusive, happy, secure and caring Christian environment where all are valued and respected. We believe that God loves all his children unconditionally and values the uniqueness of the individual and recognise the diversity and range of contributions that each child can make.

Following the Church of England's Vision for Education 'Life in all its fullness' John 10:10, we provide a high-quality education within a creative, stimulating, encouraging and mutually supportive environment where children are enabled to develop the knowledge and skills they require to become successful.

Christian Living Values

All our work at Queen’s Park CE/URC Primary School is deeply rooted in the Christian faith. We plan a myriad of activities and experiences that develop our children personally and academically.

Their happiness and futures are at the heart of the six core Christian values we have selected: Love, Honesty, Forgiveness, Trust, Respect and Hope. We focus on 12 others on a three-year plan. Many of the values have similar themes enabling the children to make connections and embedding the key character traits and principles.


ALL Y3.jfif EYFS.jfif Y1.jfif Y2 lV 1.jfif

Our Christian Values are an integral part of the life and work of the school and its community. We focus on one value each half term. At the end of each half term, the children in each class vote for who they feel has shown this Christian value the most over the half term. These awards are presented at a special half termly worship.

British Values

Teaching the fundamental British Values is an integral part of our worship calendar and it is embedded within our Crown curriculum

You only need to walk through our school or speak to our children to understand how we continually weave the strands of SMSC to our pupils in everything we do. 

Respect is one of our Crown curriculum principles and we take every opportunity to teach the children the importance of belonging and respecting each other differences. We provide opportunities for our children to develop tolerance and respect through certain themes such as anti-bullying and LGBTQ+ week as well as providing experiences for our children to show how they are also part of a global community.

Democracy Y3.jfif Mancyia visit 2.jfif Mancyia visit.jfif

Global Citizenship

At Queen’s Park CE/URC Primary School, we have several partner schools, both locally and internationally. We value these links and feel that they help us to teach, not just languages to a very high standard, but also global issues across our curriculum.

In 2016, we gained full accreditation in the British Council’s International School Award and in 2019 we were proud to be awarded with reaccreditation.

Despite the issues surrounding Covid 19, we continue to be committed to helping in the development of our pupils as global citizens. Projects which we have prioritised include: 

A project linked to ‘The Invisible String’ book by Patricia Karst and wellbeing. On European Day of Languages, we connected with our partner schools to look at how the pandemic had affected the schools overseas.

We designed symbols of hope and received messages and photos to display on our international corridor. This project earned us an Impact Award from Picture News.

This academic year, we are working on seven project. These are:

  • Hope and Chariy
  • Vive la France
  • Our Beautiful World
  • The World Reimagied
  • One World, One Vision
  • We are Entrepeneurs
  • A World Of Books

We have also enjoyed continued connection with ACE charity as we have fundraised and received letters from Arise school in Tanzania.

We work closely with Primary Languages Network to provide an effective French curriculum and our Y6 pupils are enthusiastic students of Mandarin, delivered by a Chinese teacher from Cowley International College.

Partner Schools

Our partner schools work with us on the above projects. Links to their websites are below:

Arise, Tanzania –

IC Gianni Rodari, Rome, Italy

Istituto Comprensivo Gianni Rodari

Via Niobe 52 - 00118 Roma – 

GHS Herderschule Bad Pyrmont (

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Ulverstone, Tasmania

Ecole de Velles, Velles, France 

Ecole Primaire Simone Veil (

We sponsor two children from Arise School in Tanzania. Tanzania is also part of our Geography curriculum. Our Y2 children were able to meet Sharon and Hopeman with their headteacher via Skype
Sharon Hopeman.PNG Sharon and hopeman.jfif
EYFS are learning about the French traditions at Easter. Cards from the children are to be sent to our partner school in France   Book recommendations from our partner school in Germany 
EYFS Easter 2.jfif Book recommendations from Germany.jfif
Cost of Living in St Helens. This work was completed by our Maths Ambassadors to send to our partner schools
Cost of living.jfif Cost of living 2.jfif

Pupil Leadership

We value and recognise the importance of the children being part of the decisions that affect them in school. We work incredibly hard encourage our children to take responsibility for different aspects of school life. Evidence suggests that when pupils engage with pupil leadership programmes, it has a positive impact of their capacity to learn. Children in all year groups from year one up are given the opportunity to play an active role in the life of their classroom and/or school. These roles are developed in the classroom firstly and then more formal roles are given across school such as Worship Monitors, School Ethos Council, Ready Buddies, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Maths Ambassadors to name a few. 

Pupil Leadership Team 

This group consists of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. These children have to apply for the role when they get to Y6 outlining how they demonstrate leadership qualities. The children take the application process very seriously. Once selected, they get to wear the 'Golden Tie'. We also have two Pupil Governors. These children are selected in Y4 through an application process. They attend every full Governing Body Meeting and present to the rest of the Governors an aspect of school life.

Meet our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl  Meet our Pupil Governors
Head boy and head girl.jfif  
Our Reading Buddies give up their own time at lunchtime to help our younger children with their reading. Our EYFS/KS1 children love their sessions
Reading buddies 3.jpg Reading buddies two.jpg
We have 'Well-being Wednesday' in school. After lunch, our well-being ambassadors go into a class and lead on well-being activties. This could be peer massage, Cosmic Yoga or mindfulness colouring. It is a lovely way for our children to relax after the busyness of lunchtime.
Well being ambassador.jfif

School Ethos Council 

Each year, the school votes on 2 school ethos council members to represent their class from Year 2 – Year 6. The school ethos council meets on a regular basis to take part in discussion and activities linked to our school and  the locality. These include supporting with interviews for posts in school, making suggestions for improvements and leading our Governors' Ethos and DIstinctiveness Committee.  

All school councillors take their roles very seriously and are proactive in supporting the continued development of our school.

Worship Monitors

At the beginning of the year, every class select two worship monitors. They have a very important job. Every Wednesday we have class worship. The Worshp Monitors help prepare the class room for worshp, they may help the teacher plan the worship or prepare prayers for the end of the session. We have class worship reflection logs and the Worship Monitors help to complete the reflections

P1 Worship Monitors.png Q2 and Mrs Roberts group worship monitors.jpeg Q1 Worship Monitors.png

Wider Curriculum

We are incredibly proud of our Crown Curriculum offer but our curriculum extends way beyond the statutory guidelines. We have an extensive wider curriculum offer that enhances our provision and offers our children experiences and opportunities that develops them personal as well as developing their cultural capital. 

Our curriculum lead along with the subject lead look for links to further enhance the experiences for our children. These are carefully chosen and planned for. 

When possible, we love to invite performances to bring a topic or a theme to life. B-Tales are regular visitors to Queen's Park. They did a wonderful play all about the impact of bullying for Anti-Bullying week. They also visit at Christmas and Easter. The whole school enjoyed the performance from the Chinese Dragon to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was also the first time the whole school had enjoyed something together after lockdown.  It was a really special time for QP.  Paul Delaney is our 'Author in Residence'. He is a regular visitor to our school. The children love to hear him tell stories. He opened our library offically this year and joined us for the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. 
BTALES.jfif Chinese New Year.jfif Paul delaney Y1.jfif
The whole school became rock stars in Music Week.  We really enjoyed our visit from Rock Kidz. They showed us how much music is fun and really interesting to learn about but they also taught us that it is ok to be an individual. Y3 were fully immersed in life in the Stone Age.  Chris came into school and with the children, made Stone Age style dens. The children learnt all about this era in history but also about how to problem solve and work as a team.   We celebrate anti-bullying week each year. Our School Ethos Council always lead an assembly on why it is important to speak up. The children loved coming in odd socks and with crazy hair. They made posters to be displayed around school. 
Rock kids.jfif Y3 den building 2.jfif Y4 antibullying.jfif
Talking Teeth came into our EYFS and Y1 to teach our children the importance of oral hygiene  European Day of Languages is a regular celebration at Queen's Park.   Different families - same love was the focus for our LGBTQ+ focus week. The children explored the make-up of different families.
Talking teeth in eyfs.jfif EDL.jfif LGBTQ 1.jfif
Teaching our children the imporance of Road Safety is something we take seriously. We have 4 Junior Road Safety Officers. They organised a competition in school to raise awareness - Be Bright Be Seen We celebrate World Religion Day every year. We find out about the traditions of other religions and how they compare to Christianity. We looked at famous and influential Black people durnig Black History Month. Have a look at our class worship books and you will find our reflections 
Be bright be seen comp 2.jfif World religion day eyfs.jfif Black history month.jfif
Our Y6 children learn Mandarin every week from a teacher from our feeder secondary school.   We love having the opportunity to perform for our parents. It helps us wth our confidence and our abiity to speak in front of a large amount of people. Queen's Park is one big happy family and when we pull together as a community, we can really make a difference. We all brought in donations for Ukraine.and managed to fill a whole van. 
Mandarin.jfif Y 3 harvest assembly.jfif Ukraine collection.jfif

Bringing the curriculum to life

Our Crown Curriculum is a well-thought through sequential curriculum that is bespoke to our children and our context. To bring our curriculum to life, our staff look for opportunities to invite key role models into school to raise the aspirations for our children and give the learning a real purpose.  

During Music week, Andy from the Music Service came in and spoke to our children about his job - teaching children to love music just like he does. He showed them how easy it was to make music with instruments and everyday objects - like a hose pipe.  Mr Jones  is head of IT at the CO-OP bank and he has a background in coding. He talked to the children about aspirations and how he started with very little and followed a path in IT. Mr Pearson looks after all the IT in the schools in St Helens. We were really lucky that he gave up his time to come and speak to us about his job in our computing week. 
Andy from the music service.jfif John Jones - comptuing.jfif Lee person computin 1.jfif
Mr Williams is one of our parents. He has been in the army for 18 years. He came into school during our Map and Field work focus week and spoke to the children about how he uses maps every day in his job.  Mrs Berry is one of our parents and a police officer. She came into school to talk to the children about how she uses maps and co-ordinates every day plus the children got to sit in a polce car. Y3 were visited by the Sea Cadets and they told the class how the Royal Navy use maps when navigating across the sea.  
Mr Williams.jfif Toby'smum geogrpahy.jfif Sea cadets - geography.jfif
Year Two had a wonderful visit from Sean who told them what it was like to live in Tanzania. He shared some fantastic knowledge that really helped our children compare life in Tanzania with life in St Helens.  Y6 had a real life Scientist in the classroom. Dr Charlotte Smith came into tell us about her journey into science that involved an eco-inspired project: splitting water to create hydrogen to power a house! We loved it!   
Tanzanian visitor.jfif
Scientist in Y6.jfif  

Children's University and Extra- Curricular Clubs 

Queen's Park has proudly been a part of the National Children's University scheme for nearly 10 years. Each year, the children collect credits by completing clubs before school, at lunch or after school. Their credits are collected and logged and we have a wonderful ceremony - usually at Hope Univeristy where tthe children get to wear a cap and gown and 'graduate'. It is a wonderfully special occasion and celebrates the dedication and commitment displayed by our children. For this to be sucessful, we need a wide and varied extra curricular offer. Mrs Roberts leads this for us and does her very best to organise lots of different clubs for our children. 

Christmas Crafts Club  Mrs Kellett's Book Club  Global Citizen Club
Y2 christmas craft club.jfif Book Club.jfif Global citixen club.jfif
Spanish Club  Pop Shop  Queen's Park Orchestra 
Spanish club.jfif Pop Shop.jfif QPBand.PNG
Brass Club  Musical Theatre  Rugby
Brass club.PNG Musical theatre.PNG Rugby.PNG
Squash  Board Games  Crafty Class
squash .png Board games .png Crafty club .png
Judo Pottery  Girl's Football 
Judo.jpeg Pottery .png Girls football.png

Sporting Competitions

We are the proud recipients of the School Games Gold Award for 3 years running. This recognises our commitment to sports and competitive games. We attend as many tournaments as we are able to and work closely with St Helens School Games and our school's network to give the children as many opportunties as possible. 

Y2 boccia.jfif dodgeball(1).jpg Football girls s.PNG
Y2 Boccia  Y4 Dodgeball Y4 Girl's football
Rugby with Boots one.PNG
New age curling.PNG Y4 football.jpeg
Y5 Rugby  New Age Curling  Y4 Football


Each year the children have the opportunity to take part in a class trip. Class trips are an important way to bring learning to life for children. These are always linked to the curriculum that your child is following. The trips are carefully planned to ensure maximum safety whilst also being fun and interactive

Reception to st lukes.jfif Y1 geography field work.jfif Y1 trip to QP 1.jfif
Reception Welcome Service at St Lukes Church Y1 Geography Field Work to Cambridge Road Y1 Science Trip to Queen's Park 
Y2 trip to book shop.jfif
Y2 trip to taylor park.jfif
Y5 crucial crew.PNG
Y2 Trip to St Helens Book Stop for World Book Day Y2 Geography trip to Taylor Park  Y5 trip to Crucial Crew 
Y6 teardrops(1).PNG
Y6 Trip to Teardrops     

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