Junior Leadership Team

We are extremely proud of the members of our Junior Leadership Team. These children had to fomally apply for the role stating the knowledge and skills they feel they possess to help lead our fabulous school.  Our Junior Leadership Team structure is: 

Head boy, Head Girl,Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.  Pupil Governors. 

The team meet with Mrs Kellett  to discuss school matters and how things can be changed or improved for the whole school community.  They also have responsibilities around school to help in the day to day running of Queen's Park.

What do the Junior Leadership Team do?

They help lead and manage on 3 key areas:

1. School projects – an agenda of school improvement projects is decided upon early on in the year. Children meet together to discuss issues such as curriculum ideas, school reading projects and much more.

2. Community projects – the JLT meet together to decide on projects that can have an impact on our local community. Fund raising and volunteering projects that involve families from the community are organised and ran by our JLT.

3. World projects – Our JLT also meet together to think about how we can have an impact on the world. Projects involving environmental action, charity fundraising and linking up with other schools across the world enable our JLT to know that they can have a positive impact on the world.

Our Current Projects:

School Project

Curriculum Spotlight Newsletter

The JLT worked with senior leaders to create a Curriculum spotlight newseltter.  The children each had a role to play.  This included observing in lessons and taking pictures, speaking to children about Music at Queen's Park and speaking to some of our teachers. 

Community Project 

The JLT are passionate about improving our community so have decided to apply for the ECO School's Green Flag award.  Through the criteria set out on this plafform, the children have chosen five mini projects to do in school. 

  1. Litter campaign
  2. Raising awareness of the cost of energy/fuel and look at ways we can conserve this in light of the rise in costs
  3. Raise awarness of recycling and how we can do better in school. 
  4. School grounds challenge to imrprove our school grounds and encourage better use of the community green spaces 

World Project 

We support a school in Tanzania - Arise and we want to raise funds to send the school money to become self- sufficent.  The money will be spent of seeds.  We have already sent some funds over and our response from the school is below. 



Meet our Junior Leadership Team 

Deputy Head Boy.jfif Hi, I am a proud member of our school's Junior Leadership Team,  I am Deputy Head boy.  I had to apply for the role and delighted when I was appointed.  I like Pokemon, Nintendo, watching the TV and going to see the Saints play rugby.  I play for Thatto Heath Crusaders and I play the position of 2nd rower.  I was also voted to be our class school councillor.  I take this role very seriously.  We meet every week to make important decisions about our school.  I really wanted to be part of the JLT as I wanted to help the school and make it an even better place. 
Deputy Head Girl.jfif Hi, I am our school's deputy head girl.  I am so proud to wear the golden tie. I am 10 years old and my favourite colour is rose-gold.  I am best at Art but my favourite subject is Maths.  I like to help others develop skills.  I am a role model for our school and I lead by example.  I support the younger children in school by always following our red, amber and green system.  I love to help Mrs Kellett and the teachers make big decisions.  I following our living values and our Crown curriculum principles.  I am resilient, I never give up and I love to learn new things.  Last year, I was a wellbering ambassador.  I feel it is really important to look after our children's wellbeing in school. 
Head boy.jfif Hi, I am Head boy and I am so proud to wear the golden tie.  I enjoy being creative and using my imagination.  I like to play with my friends in and out of school.  I enjoy playing sports and being active.  I give 100% effort in everything.  I have a great attitude to learning and I like finding out about new things.  My friends think I am energetic and enthusiastic.  I am kind, thoughtfrul, helpful and I have a positive attitude.  I try to make sure that everyone is included.  I know I am a positive role model and I love helping Mrs Kellett make big decisions about our school. 
Head Girl.jfif Hi, I am our school's Head Girl and I am so proud to be part of the Junior Leadership Team - the JLT!.  I am really looking forward to helping our school be even more amazing.  I am an approachable person and I always have a smile for everyone I meet.  It is always a pleasure to meet adults who come to our school because I love to tell them all about our wonderful school and the fantastic things we do here.  I am always happy to help and so are our teachers.  
Isla Dingsdale .jpeg I am a proud pupil governor at Queen's Park.  I enjoy lots of activities in and out of school including: Pop Shop, Brownies and swimming.  I am also learning three different types of dance.:ballet, modern and tap.  I am excited to be a pupil governor because I love having different responsibilities in school. and I want to help the school become even more amazing. 
Isaac Morrison .jpeg I applied to be a pupil governor because it sounded like a big responsibility and I wanted to help our school become even better.  I like rugby and I play for Pilks.  This means I have to go to training twice a week and often have matches at the weekend.   I have two dogs - one is a puppy.  They are called Hugo and Pebbles.   I love to learn maths and RE in school - these are my favourite lessons. 
Laisie Riddle .jpeg I wanted to be a governor because I knew it would help the school and I wanted to help Mrs Kellett.  I like to spend time at the weekend at my Dads.  We like to go bowling - it is really fun and I like it when I get a strike.  My favourite lessons are PE, Art and Maths.  I like the challenges we have to do in Maths and it is fun. 

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