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Welcome to EYFS!

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Homework Expectations


Every Friday, the newsletter will include an activity for you and your child to complete together.

Please return this to school/send us a picture on Twitter or Dojo the following week.

We will print you a copy of the newsletter. Look out for it in your child's book bag.


Your child’s reading book will get changed every week and we expect you to read regularly with your child at home, around 5 times a week. Please comment/initial when you have done so in your child’s reading record book.

Your child will read with an adult in school each week.

For more information about Reading at Queen's Park, follow this link to the Reading page on our website: Reading at Queen's Park


We love getting busy in EYFS!


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We visited our local church, St. Luke's. We were so sensible walking to the church. We met Rev. Helen. We thought about how special we each were. 

We have learned that the church is a special building where Christians can worship God.

We have started learning new sounds in phonics.

Ahmed is exploring his sounds using magnetic letters.

A Walk through the Woods


Uh oh a forest… a deep dark forest. We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. Oh no!! We’ve got to go through it! Stumble trip stumble trip.

We went on a bear hunt! We spotted different types of leaves and looked at how they were changing colour. As we walked, we heard the crunching sound of leaves under our feat!

Wet pavement is the perfect place to mark make. 

We have been learning to use the equipment in our classroom safely and with respect.



We love building in EYFS!

Rhys was challenged to build a tower taller than himself.

Whose eggs are these!? Dinosaurs eggs, perhaps?

We found some eggs in our classroom and just had to investigate. We used scientific equipment, such as tweezers and magnifying glasses, to make observations about the eggs. 



We're all different, and that's amazing!

The children have loved studying their facial features through a mirror with Miss Parr. We each painted a self portrait, thinking carefully about the colour of paint we used for our face, eyes and hair.

The rain doesn't stop us playing outside!

We used the rainy day to make our own paint. We mixed together blue, yelllow and red powder paint to create new colours. Can you guess what they were?



Our Curriculum

Crown Curriculum in EYFS


Our five Crown Principles drive our curriculum.


Through the ‘challenge’ curriculum driver we are creating children who are independent, not only in their organisational skills but also in their learning, is a high priority for us. We believe that our children are capable of amazing things and we develop this through having high expectations of all children. We pose challenges, build confidence and self-esteem, show children how capable they are and support them to reach their potential. We take time to teach independence skills explicitly and support children to develop into well-rounded, ambitious learners.


Through the ‘resilience’ curriculum driver, we promote optimism and determination. We teach children to understand mistakes are valuable learning experiences. Through the Characteristics of Effective Learning, we develop children’s active learning skills and help them to understand and respond to feedback. Resilience and perseverance is highly valued and praised. We strongly believe that in order to develop resilience, we must teach children to be independent learners who problem solve for themselves and know to keep trying and how and when to access help.


Through ‘opportunities’, we raise aspirations to broaden our children’s horizons – opening their eyes to the myriad careers they might pursue. We strive to provide our children with opportunities and experiences that are new to them and will enrich their knowledge. We guide the development of children’s capabilities with a view to ensuring that all children are ready to benefit fully from the opportunities ahead of them and are able to fully exploit all learning opportunities.


At Queen’s Park, we understand that happiness is linked to personal growth, health and development. We ensure our children are happy, healthy individuals. With ‘wellbeing’ as a curriculum driver, we give children the confidence to thrive in a diverse, global society and be respectful citizens with British and Christian Values at the core. All staff deeply care about the children in our school. We treat all children as individuals and promote positive relationships and secure bonds. We make it a priority to form close relationships with families and the wider community to promote the best outcomes for all children and develop their wellbeing. We recognise and value individual’s strengths and talents and believe in praising effort and valuing the little steps that really make a difference to a child’s progress. We know that by doing this, we are building happy and secure children, who feel emotionally and physically safe.


Through the ‘kNowledge’ curriculum driver, we encourage our children to be resourceful learners. It is uniquely challenging and coherent to our children. Excitement and motivation for learning is developed through planning fun, engaging and challenging lessons based on the needs for the children. As well as teaching skills through quality texts we follow the fascinations and interests of the children and teaching and learning is fast paced to respond to the changing needs of individuals. We provide new and interesting experiences, building on and adding to the range of activities children will have had at home or through pre-school experience. We make learning purposeful and rooted in real-life contexts, where possible, so that children have motivating reasons to learn and to help them to apply their knowledge to a range of situations.

Curriculum Offer


High-Quality Texts

In EYFS, all knowledge and skills are taught through high-quality texts.

The knowledge, skills and vocabulary taught in reception prepares our children for the next step in their learning.

Each of our quality-texts has strong links to at least one of the seven areas of development. 

We aim to link other high-quality texts to experiences the children have throughout the year. These texts can also be linked to the children's interests and so cannot be planned for in advance.



Topic Maps

Each half term, a topic map is produced to highlight key learning, experiences and vocabulary that the children will be exposed to during the half term. The map also lists the high-quality texts, taken from the reading spine, which will drive the curriculum for that half term. Children's interests will also be followed and planned for throughout the year.

Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


100 Things to do Before You Leave Reception

Our tag line in EYFS is, “Early childhood is an explosion of experiences!” ??

Our aim is that all of our children in EYFS will leave Reception with 100 key experiences in their memories 
(on top of all of the exciting things we do everyday).

We really hope that the children's year in Reception will be a memorable one!


Class Value

Our class value is love.

We are always showing love. We show love and kindness to our friends, family and teachers.

We loved exploring the feeling of love, and many others, when we read The Colour Monster, by Anna Llenas. We drew pictures of what or who we love.



Pre-Phonics... What comes before Phonics?
Before children start their formal phonics learning at school, it is important children are given pre-phonics experience to help develop their listening, reading and talking skills. These skills are essential building blocks to phonics and reading.
We nurture these skills in EYFS to help our children be successful when reading.


Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time. We also acknowledge that it can also be a scary time for some children. 

We want our children, and families, to be feel as excited as possible for school. 

My New School Booklet

We have produced this booklet to share with your child(ren) to help them become familiar with their new school.

It includes pictures of their new teachers, school and classroom.

Some Useful 'Getting ready to start school' documents

We thought that these documents might support you in preparation for your child(ren) starting school, in Reception. 

They include some helpful tips, skills and knowledge which will help your child(ren) when they start school. 

A Guide to Early Years

What to Expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a Guide for Parents

This document was produced by The East London Research School and Department for Education (DfE).

It includes information about the Early Years Foundation Stage and it will help you find out more about your child’s learning and development in
the EYFS.

In the document, there are suggestions about what your child(ren) may be doing, and how you can help them.  After each age band you will find top tips for fun, playful experiences that you and your child(ren) can do together at home.

It’s important to remember that children develop in different ways and at different rates. If you wish to discuss your child(ren)'s development, please don't hesistate to contact one of your child(ren)'s teachers. 

New Admissions

Make Queen's Park your first choice primary school.

Places for September 2023 have been allocated. 

If you've been given a place at Queen's Park, we can't wait to properly welcome you and your child to our school.

Any information you need has been sent to you in the post. The information you have been sent includes some important dates.

If you require any information, please don't hesistate to contact the office with any questions.

See our provision and wonderful staff in action on Twitter - @MrWeatherbyQP and @MissFryerQP


If you have a child who will be starting school in 2024, admission information will be available soon.

Make Queen's Park your first choice!

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