Children from Arise School in Tanzania

For a number of years, we have supported ACE charity.  This is a local charity set up to fund a school in Tanzania.  We have taken part in a number of fundraisiing intitatives such as 'Buy a Breakfast', 'Buy a Block' and we have raised money to provide the children will school shoes.  This year, we wanted to get to know the children at Arise School even better. 

In Tanzania, many of the families cannot afford to send their children to school. Their only hope of an education and a route out of poverty is through the Sponsorship Scheme. As well as the satisfaction of knowing that we are making a real difference to a child's life, we receive the twice yearly school test results and a recent photograph. 

I am delighted to introduce Hopeman and Sharon - the two children we have commited to sponsoring.  Please see attached files to find out all about them.  If you would like to find out more about ACE charity and their work, follow the link below


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